Health Articles

1. When a man has to go

2. Men know what your flow means

3. Doc, what to do about this BPH?

4. What’s Next?

5. BPH, helping yourself

6. Helping your doctor help you

7. Is it benign or malignant, the hunt for Prostate Cancer

8. Myths, the biopsy and your diagnosis

9. Erectile Dysfunction

10. E-Consult, is it a good idea?

11. Premature Ejaculation

12. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

13. Stoppage of Water

14. Outercourse

15. Brothers and Prostate Cancer

16. My friend and Treatment

17. Know how to check them

18. Kidney Stones. What you need to know

19. What happens when prostate cancer spreads

20. Understanding Your Sperm Analysis

21. Prostatitis

22. Botox for your BPH

23. What is orchitis?

24. Facing your fears of medical testing

25. What are Anal Fissures?

26. Importance of a proper prostate biopsy

27. Understanding the benefits of a Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

28. A Review of Erectile Dysfunction

29. Kidney Failure and Dialysis

30. Buyer Beware!

31. Are you taking an Ace Inhibitor?

32. HoLEP for enlarged prostate

33. Your New Year Belly

34. Managing Pain

35. Do you have problems with hemorrhoids?

36. Evaluating your prescribed health plan

37 Get checked for colon cancer

38 Knowing more about Lupus

39 Know your rights

40 Chemotherapy

41 Cystoscopy, what to expect

42 The importance of pathology review

43 Standards of Care

44 Improving health outcomes

45 Andropause

46 Transperineal Prostate biopsies

47 MRI vs Ultrasound

48 Androgen Deprivation Therapy

49 The Hippocratic Oath and Medical Malpractice

50 What is Lymphoma?

51 Healthy Heart, Healthy Prostate

52 The Story of Mr. X.

53 Kidney Infection

54 PET Scanning

55 Continuing Medical Education (CME)

56 Early detection is key

57 Genetics and your cancer risk

58 Managing Knee Pain, RICE or MEAT

59 Heel Pain, what you can do

60 Having a coronary angiogram?

61 PIN and ASAP

62 Are you experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

63 What is Addison’s Disease

64 Having burning when you urinate?

65 Docetaxel for Prostate Cancer

66 Thinking about a PDE5 inhibitor?

67 About brain Tumors

68 Peyronie’s Disease

69 Staying Healthy after age 50

70 Thyroid Cancer

71 Preparing for a radical Prostatectomy

72 Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness

73 Stinging nettle bush for Enlarged prostate

74 What should your testosterone level be?

75 Need a 2nd opinion?

76 Planning on having Cataract Surgery?

77 PSA levels after treatment

78 Throat Cancer, Symptoms and Treatment

79 Acute Myeloid Leukemia

80 What is Sciatica?

81 Diabetes and Hemoglobin A1C

82 Sleep Apnea

83 Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

84 Assessing Your Enlarged Prostate

85 Improving Prostate Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

86 Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)

87 Prostatic Calcification

88 Thinking about supplements?

89 What is a stroke

90 Weight Loss and muscle mass over 35?

91 Depression, a major health risk for men

92 Prostate Health Index (PHI) and the 4KScore

93 Bois Bande, Yohimbe and your health

94 Inguinal Hernias

95 Should older men have aggressive treatment for prostate cancer?

96 Staying safe while taking Plavix

97 Saw Palmetto, does it work?

98 Improving local healthcare

99 Common male medical testing

100 Taking Casodex for prostate cancer?

101 Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

102 What is Huntington’s Disease?

103 Managing Gout

104 Infections after prostate biopsies on the rise

105 What is GERD?

106  Focusing on Men’s Health Week

107 Reducing body inflammation, Prebiotics and Probiotics

108 Diabetes and Sexual Health

109 Keeping your kidneys healthy

110 Having a TURP?

111 Colon Cleansing

112 Sexual Health and High Blood Pressure

113 Reducing your chances of a misdiagnosis

114 Proper Pain Management

115 Are you receiving an approved biologic?

116 Are you taking Metformin?

117 Dr. Rowley, questions in his care?

118 Is the vision for health still 20/20?

119 What is prostatic artery embolization?f

120 Need help losing that belly fat?

121 Evidence based decision making

122 Having a Vasectomy?

123 The Counterfeit Drug Market

124 Plants and Men’s Health

125 Magnesium Deficiency

126 How cancer grows…The MAPK pathway

127 Alprostadil for Erectile Dysfunction

128 Why we need more cancer research

129 Pancreatic Cancer

130 Chlamydia infections on the rise

131 Addressing Mental Health in Young People

132 Improve your mood and energy levels

133 Health Literacy

134 Corruption in healthcare

135 What is muli-parametric MRI?

136 A Review of Prostatitis

137 Benefits of Regular Sexual Activity

138 Maintaining Good Health

139 Weight loss and muscle mass over 35

140 Electronic Medical Records

141 Improving Prostate Cancer Detection and Diagnosis





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  1. saw ur article in the newspaper about sweating which I suffers from and wanted to get some more info cause its over bearing

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